Canis Rufus – Pocket Square


The Red Wolf, called Wa’ya by the Cherokees, is the world’s most endangered wolf. In 1980, it was declared extinct. Its main predator, men, have long tracked and hunted this animal after farmers reported it as a direct threat to their cattle. In 1987, a captive breeding program undertook the reintroduction of this species into the wild. As a result of this initiative, the total population was able to climb up to a hundred individuals in the last decade. Despite these efforts, the Red Wolf remains underpopulated. Their survival remains very fragile especially with the destruction of its natural habitat and hybridization with coyotes.

Discover François Lapierre, the artist behind the magnificent illustrations in this collection!

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Pocket square characteristics

Dimensions: 30 cm X 30 cm
100% Polyester
Wash at low temperature. Separate light and dark colours.
Do not bleach. Dry flat. Iron at low temperature.